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Guilford County ARES is coordinated by the Emergency Coordinator Jim Waynick, N4JLW.  Jim has appointed 6 Assistant Emergency Coordinators who oversee different aspects of the program.  

Guilford County Ares directly serves the Guilford County Citizens by working for Guilford County Emergency Management.  At any time, Emergency Management can request communications support from Guilford County ARES and ARES will report directly to Emergency Management.


Guilford County ARES Organizational Structure
Jim Waynick, N4JLW,
(Emergency Coordinator)

Roy Smith - N4BYU
(Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Logistics)

Tom Forrest, N4GVK
(Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Public Information)

Chan White
(Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Public Service Events)

Dan O'Connell, KF4FWU
(Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Registrar)

Rob Erikson KG4OPX
(Assistant Emergency Coordinator &
Net Manager)